Van Damme Silver Series Session Grade Flat-Cap 90pF Instrument Cable (per meter)

  • $9.21

The Silver Series range comprises 3 unbalanced instrument cables engineered to have three specific capacitances. They are primarily for use for guitar and bass guitar to amplifier applications. The construction of these cables utilises a no compromise approach to materials and electrical characteristics; consequently flexibility is not a priority and these cables are aimed at recording rather than live performance. The range comprises the following cables:

  • Lo-Cap 55: 55 p/F per metre. Low capacitance figure gives low high frequency roll off
  • Flat-Cap 90: 90 p/F per metre. Mid range capacitance figure gives average high frequency roll off
  • Hi-Cap 125: 125 p/F per metre. Higher capacitance figure gives more high frequency roll off

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Price displayed is per meter, unterminated cable.
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SKU: 268-902-090